e-cooling CFD Ingenieurbüro for flows and heat transfer

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Karim Segond
Consulting Engineer
Strausberger Platz 1, 10243  Berlin

Landline: +49 30 2084 8483


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Our experts

Karim Segond is our expert for flow and thermal calculations and is specialized for electrical machines and power electronics.

Guenter Zwarg is our expert for heating and cooling of electrical machines.


Magnetic field

We offer magnetic field calculations for a new design or a power increase analysis. The calculated losses are the input of thermal calculations. We calculate the magnetic field of electric machines with Finite Elements in 2D or more detailed and complex in 3D.

Ventilation and cooling of electrical machines

We offer detailed analysis, improvement of existing products or development of new ones, trouble-shooting as well as an expert opinion for problem cases, non-conformities and turnover. We advise in the preparation and evaluation of the corresponding measurements. In the concept phase or for a fast diagnosis we recomend the use of flow and thermal networks; for a more detailed design, we use 3D-CFD thermal and flow calculations.

3D CFD flow Simulations

We use several commercial CFD tool; however, we prefer to work with software based on a cartesian mesh like FloEFD or FloTHERM, as with these it is possible to set up easy and fast heat transfer cases; the resulting costs and price are correspondingly low.
We usually generate the CAD model with Solidworks. We work either from our engineering office in Berlin or directly on-site with the customer.

We are flexible

We work with you to determine the planning and objectives. We adapt to customer needs: the project can be offered with various options and deadlines can be adjusted based on the project progression. The following options can be arranged: - Training of employees - Software independent consulting regarding calculation methods - Setting up initial simulation model - Handover of the model to the customer for parameter variation calculations - Comparison with test results …

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