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Push your Electrical Machines and Electronics to their thermal and mechanical limits!

Engineering Consulting for heating and cooling, ventilation, magnetic field, structural mechanics with 3D CAD, CFD, FEA and flow & thermal networks
Läufer mit lackisolierten Kupferdrähten eines kleinen Motors

Medium-sized motors need active cooling, this can be implemented with a fan or with a water cooling. read more

Wickelkopf einer Ständerwicklung

The coil ends of large motors and generators are mechanically supported in a complex manner and stiffened with one another. It is very complex to perform a flow or thermal simulation for such some geometry. read more

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All videos can be watched without registration read more

Air conditioning or decontamination of a room is important enough to be dimensioned with CFD right from the start of the project. This enables to calculate and to visualize the flow conditions in the entire room and the dissemination of the contaminants. read more

Automatische Gittergenerierung eines karteischen Gitters in FloEFD für Siemens NX

Mr. Segond has been working as a freelance consulting engineer since 2011. Back then he benchmarked the different CFD tools and he decided to go with FloEFD. read more

Karim Segond

Mr. Karim Segond, our freelance expert for 3D CFD flow and thermal calculations, was interviewed during the Simcenter Conference.

Contours of the temperatures for a rotor with salient poles

The flow and thermal processes in large motors and generators are extremely complex and therefore cannot be satisfactorily described by flow and heat source lumped circuit.  read more
IGBT und Dioden Temperaturen für eine Winfkraftanlage

Compliance with the maximum allowed temperatures of the IGBT, diodes and MOSFET Chips is necessary, otherwise the chips are exposed to thermo-mechanical loads; this would have a drastic impact on the life expectancy of the materials. An effective cooling circuit is essential in order to achieve the highest power densities in small spaces. Here, the 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics is an ideal tool. Possible hotspots can be localized with CFD calculations and thus avoided. read more
At switching frequencies below 10 Hz, the ON and OFF switching is so slow that it causes a time-dependent temperature behavior of the transistors.  read more